About Bannzil Kwéyòl

Bannzil Kwéyòl is a site completely dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the unique French-Creole culture of the Caribbean region. The history of this region has produced a vibrant and spontaneous culture, which draws its charm from the various people who call these islands home.

The Creole culture is a result of the formation of an entirely new society; During the early colonization of the New World. This colonisation project, brought together the peoples of Africa and France, as well as the indigenous people of the Caribbean; the interaction of these people produced a unique culture and world view that came to be called Kwéyòl.

The French-Creole culture consists of a varied mix of influences spanning many countries across all continents all over the world. It is one of the most diverse and most vibrant cultures to have developed from the pre-20th century colonization efforts of France.

Bèlè - Bannzil Kwéyòl
Bèlè Trinidad © Anthony Harris

Bannzil Kwéyòl : our aim is to preserve our culture

This website is dedicated to providing a platform for French Creole culture so that the entire world can  discover the many facets of being Creole and from this hopefully develop a deeper desire to preserve, protect and grow the Creole influence, continuing to establish its identity and passing down Creole-specific traditions to future generations to make the appreciate the distinctive and effervescent qualities that make the Creole culture one of the most colorful in the world.

On Bannzil Kwéyòl you will find information relating to every aspect of Creole language and culture, including lessons on Creole grammar, cultural folktales, music and other elements of culture.

Photo credits : The Trinidad Guardian

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